Covr Security

The Covr solution allows organizations to offer their users a highly secure authentication and verification solution. The technology is globally scalable, enabling you to offer your customers or employees a truly user-friendly security solution, for both the digital and physical world.

Out-Of-Band Technology

Minimal access point exposure with the smartphone as a second authentication channel for two-way communication. Levels up the security as it’s difficult for fraudsters ambush both channels at once.

Multi-factor authentication

Facial recognition, 6-digit PINs and fingerprint activation instead of passwords. MFA enhances security drastically as it is extremely doubtful that an intruder could forge all three authentication categories.

Strong Customer Authentication

Using a combination two-channel, Out-of-Band separation, several layers of encryption and identification. Strong authentication is how Covr has built our technology.

PKI Layered security

Public Key Infrastructure, Layered 256-bit encrypted communication, Secure temporary encryption key exchange & Cryptographically secure identities


Develop custom apps and add essential features like password-free login, instant verification’s of financial transactions

Proof Of Authority

Transactions are digitally signed during every stage of the process producing a signature chain that will guarantee integrity of the data